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The Vienna Department of Planning and Zoning is responsible for enforcing the Town Code’s planning and zoning provisions. [1]



The Department of Planning and Zoning’s mission is to:

“Provide the highest level of short and long-term planning, zoning and code enforcement services to the Town of Vienna to ensure that it remains attractive, safe, clean and the premier community in Northern Virginia.”[2]


The Department of Planning and Zoning is charged with ensuring compliance with the zoning provisions laid out in Chapters 4, 13, 17, 18, and 18.1 of the Town Code. [2]

Architectural Design Control

“Architectural Design and Control” is Chapter 4 of the Town Code, and outlines rules for building design to prevent the construction of “bizarre, garish or otherwise inappropriate” exteriors. [3]

Refuse, Garbage and Weeds

Vienna’s policy on refuse, garbage and weeds is covered in Chapter 13 Town Code, which describes procedures for property maintenance and waste removal.[4]


“Subdivisions,” Chapter 17 of the Town Code, lays out regulations for the planning of subdivisions, specfically plot design, street sizes, and easements. [5]


Chapter 18 and attachments place restrictions on how certain areas in Vienna are used in an effort to avoid overpopulation and to ensure sufficient light, safety, and “ample parking facilities” (Chapter 18 and attachments. [6]


The Department of Planning and Zoning:

Related Activities

The Department also supplies the following boards and committees with technical and staff support:

Director of Planning and Zoning

The Director of Planning and Zoning (or Zoning Administrator) is the head of the Department of Planning and Zoning. The current Director is Gregory M. Hembree, AICP. [1]


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