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The Town of Herndon is an incorporated town in Fairfax County.



Originally established as a stop on the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire railroad in the 1850's[1], the Town of Herndon was incorporated on January 14, 1879.[2]

The town's downtown business district was swept by a large fire that destroyed 16 businesses and two homes on March 22, 1917.[3]

In 2005, the town attracted both protests and significant media attention with the opening of the Herndon Official Worker Center, a taxpayer-funded center for day laborers.[4] The Center closed after 21 months, on September 14, 2007.[5]


Herndon operates under a Council/Manager style of government, where a council is elected to set policies for the town, and a town manager is appointed by the council to carry out policies and oversee basic operations.[6]


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