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The Countywide Bicycle Master Plan "will determine what steps should be taken to improve the existing transportation system and make Fairfax County bicycle friendly."[1]

The plan was split into two phases. Phase I covers how to improve bicycle accessibility and safety in Tysons, while Phase II plans for the rest of the county.


Phase I

Phase I of the plan, otherwise called the Tysons Corner Bicycle Master Plan, was completed in May 2011. It "provides detailed bicycle infrastructure recommendations to replace the conceptual bicycle network provided in the Tysons Corner Urban Center Amendment of the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, adopted in June 2010." The plan was developed by the FCDOT Bicycle Program.

The Tysons Corner Bicycle Master Plan is comprised of four goals for improving bicycling options in the greater Tysons area:

Policy recommendations

The recommendations for Fairfax County range from bike parking requirements to requirements for bike accommodations on private roads that serve public access and through parking lots. The recommendations for VDOT include adoption of typical urban travel-lane widths, access management across sidepaths, and refining intersection design standards. The policy recommendations also highlight how Fairfax County can implement emerging bicycle treatments such as colored bike lanes and bike boxes and how it can incorporate bike transportation into ongoing TDM programs.

Phase II

Phase II of the master plan will make recommendations for bicycling improvements for the rest of the county.

The objectives to be addressed in this plan include[2]:

Subarea Meeting Notes and Materials

Throughout 2011 and 2012, the county held regional meetings in different communities of Fairfax for input about the master plan.

Planning focus groups

Five focus group meetings were held in April and May, 2012 to discuss specific issues identified as part of the planning process. Meetings from each meeting are available below[3]:



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